The Cost of a Bad Hire

Posted by Bradley Metz on 2/21/19 4:10 PM

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Most companies don't know the full cost of a bad hire, so they under-invest and do not apply the resources upfront to avoid one. By some estimations, the cost of hiring the wrong employee can add up to anywhere from 250,000 to almost a MILLION dollars. If you make a bad hire, there is a ripple effect among all who work for you, your product quality and company image. 

Making a Bad Hire

Most companies have had experience hiring an employee who wasn't a good fit. How can a hiring manager avoid making a costly mistake while hiring? 

  • Proper sourcing. Sourcing for your ideal candidate is becoming increasingly more challenging as the job market becomes tighter. Eye care professionals are sitting at an all time industry low of 1%. Sourcing your career to the 1% of unemployed candidates that are ACTIVELY looking is not enough. The best candidates are already working and hiring managers will need to find a way to get their attention
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  • Skill and cultural assessment. Interviewing for technical skills is important. Ensuring that the candidate fits into your company culture is crucial. A candidate with the perfect set of skills can completely clash with your company culture if not properly interviewed. Asking the right questions, knowing the ideal personality fit for the position.
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  • Don't always hire immediately. Especially in such a tight market, it can be tempting to take the bait and extend an offer to the first attractive candidate. Make sure to at least have a couple prospects before extending an offer after your first interview. 
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the real cost of a badhire

Consider the expense and hassle you face when you have to cut your losses and dismiss this wrong hire. In the long run, it's more difficult and costly for a manager and team to accommodate a poor performer than it is to invest in an effective staffing solution. With a 97% successful placement rate, a guarantee of successful integration and a proven track record in the eye care industry, imatters is your solution to avoiding a bad hire!