Interview Planning

Posted by Bradley Metz on 9/17/18 12:28 PM

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A successful interview occurs when not only the candidate is well prepared for their interview, but when you are as well! Structured interviews are twice as effective in predicting how well an employee will do for you. A structured interview, unlike a free-flowing interview requires that you do your planning, both on the candidate and the position, and create a structured plan for your interview process.

 Organize Your Interview Process

1. Create an evaluation map for each position you are interviewing for. 

Steps of an entire interview process might include:

  • Initial Phone/Video Screen
  • First Round of Interview
  • Phone/ Video Screen and Test
  • Second Round of Interview
  • Test/Assessment 
  • Team Presentation

Create a evaluation flow map based on your interview process and how in depth your screening process will be.

2. Identify who will be performing the interview up front

Assign them topics and questions based on the interviewers knowledge, role and interviewing strength 

3. Implement standardized feedback mechanisms 

Use standardized score cards or a premade questionnaire as a method of providing feedback on the interview

4. Schedule post-interview meetings or debriefs. 

Meeting with the team to discuss an interview after an important stage might be a good idea; especially when the interview is still fresh in the interviewers mind. 


1. Communicate next steps

Make sure you keep in communication with candidates. Let them know of any progression through your interview process and if you have made a decision not to select them as your next candidate

2. Follow up with interviewers

If there are any questions about the interview or the how the process is going, keep in touch with your interviewers. Follow up with your interviewers when large discrepancies occur during your interviews. 

3. Stress the importance of timeliness

Chances are you're not the only company a candidate is interviewing with. Being timely on interview feedback as well as arriving to the interview on time is important, especially if you are interviewing a superstar candidate. Many times, they are interviewing you as well!