imatters is partnered with google for jobs

Posted by Bradley Metz on 8/10/17 12:08 PM

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imatters is the first eye care recruiter and job board to partner with Google for Jobs!

If you haven't heard, Google for Jobs has just recently been rolled out to the public!

What is google for jobs?

Google for Jobs gives imatters plug and play access to Google’s search and machine learning capabilities, providing imatters another opportunity to improve our outreach and candidate experience.

Google for Jobs takes Google's powerful search engine features, applies it to career listings and puts it in the hands of job seekers. Jobs on Google for Jobs will be the first listings that candidates see when performing job searches. The benefit of having your career on Google for Jobs is clear; it drives relevant careers to the top of Google and allows candidates to filter out all the unwanted careers, fitting only the criteria they desire.

So how can you put your career on Google for Jobs?

imatters partnership with Google for Jobs combines with our network of 1,000+ posting locations at no extra cost to you. With you and the candidate in mind, imatters is constantly scouring the web for additional sourcing and posting locations.


Google for Jobs is sure to be a game changer and traditional posting methods are only going to become even more drowned in search results. This means that while other job boards and recruiters will see their job search results falling down in visibility, with imatters your career will remain at the top of Google search results.

The opportunity to place your career in front of thousands of eye care professionals with just one posting is exclusive to imatters.

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