How To Reduce Your Time to HIRE

Posted by Bradley Metz on 4/5/19 10:39 AM

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Time-to-hire is one of the key recruiting and hiring metrics.

Time to fill metric measures how quickly a company can find and hire the best candidate. In a time of war for talent and low unemployment rates, many companies use this metric as their holy grail. Why is that?

There are 2 main reasons:

  1. Longer time to hire costs more money
  2. Loner time to hire causes you to lose the best candidates.

Did you know that a whopping 57% of job seekers lose interest in a job if the hiring process is lengthy 

1. Start using a recruitment software

One of the best ways to reduce your time-to-hire is to use a modern recruitment software. Modern recruitment software has many benefits, and one of the key ones is reducing time to fill. According to research, 86% of recruiting professionals say that using an ATS has helped them hire faster. Maintaining a pipeline of eye care professionals that are interested in growing their career is essential when aiming to reduce your time to fill a position.

imatters uses recruitment software to qualify and research candidates based on your job requirements, resulting in more and quicker presentations! 

2. Track and measure

Track and measure your hiring process to find bottlenecks and resolve them. imatters provides you with a seamless hiring process from start to finish. Over 15 years of staffing in the eye care industry, imatters has identified common pain points, bottlenecks and challenges that hiring managers face and we strive to deliver successful candidates in the most streamlined and efficient manner possible.

3. Automate your communication with candidates

In order to save time, you should automate your communication with candidates. 

Response times and candidate engagement improve when communication is planned and automated. When a career becomes available through imatters, we immediately alert our database of over 150,000 eye care professionals that your career just opened. imatters contacts, screens and presents your candidates within 24 hours of expressing interest in your career!

4. Stay on top of interview scheduling

Modern day recruiting requires interviewers to stay on top of their interview schedule while maintaining their day to day. While automated scheduling and reminders can be costly, imatters recruiting services include interview scheduling, interview reminders and as always a recruiter at your disposal to answer any of your pressing interview questions and concerns.

5. Automate resume parsing and screening

Any hiring manger knows how quickly an inbox can fill up with resumes. After reviewing the resumes, sorting out the best of the bunch, and doing a final review of the top candidates to rank your interviews, you've already spent quite a bit of valuable time on a simple process that can be automated.

imatters will review all the candidates that apply for your career and only present the best fits for you to interview. Save your valuable time for interviewing, not screening.


6. Build a talent pool

Having a pool of great candidates ready to grow their career is the best way to reduce your time to hire. Every time you have a new job opening, you can simply choose the best ones from your talent pool! 

imatters has been networking with eye care professionals over the last 15 years and represents over 150,000 eye care professionals! Each career that represents has a dedicated email campaign as well as text alerts sent out to our network of eager eye care professionals!

7. Source candidates

You don't have to wait for candidates to come to you - you can go out there and find them! With a wealth of sourcing tools, job boards and resume databases to access, it can be difficult (and expensive!) selecting one or more of these. To eliminate the challenge of deciding where to source your candidates, consider using a niche company that has been sourcing and networking in your specific industry! 


An average fill time for imatters is just a few weeks! Most clients start receiving qualified candidates within just a couple days of the career going live. Over the past 15 years, imatters has poured thousands of hours of research and analytics into ensuring that we are using the most relevant sourcing, getting your message in front of the best candidates eye care has to offer. Ready to see for yourself? Visit https:///, touch the button below, or give us a call at 866.412.4115!