Create A Great Employee Value Proposition

An employee value proposition (EVP) is the unique set of benefits which an employee receives in return for the skills, capabilities and experience they bring to a company.

An EVP is about defining the essence of your company - how it is unique and what it stands for. It encompasses the central reasons that people are proud and motivated to work there, such as the inspiring vision or distinctive culture. When integrated into all aspects of a business, a strong EVP will help to retain top performers and attract the best external talent.

Here are some tips for creating a compelling EVP.

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Best Available or Best-In-Class?

Are you hiring the best available or the best-in-class? 

In recruiting you essentially have a 75% of hiring the “best-candidate-available” not the “best-in-class candidate.” Let me explain.

Essentially your internal recruiting process pulls from 3 different pools of candidates. However, if you are one of the more progressive companies that know the importance of recruiting passive candidates you have 4 pools of candidates.

The first three pools give you access to best-available talent: those you can find easily, they are hungry for an opportunity right now, and oftentimes are unemployed for one reason or another. The fourth talent pool, the best-in-class talent...

State of the Hiring Market

There are a lot of unfilled jobs out there. As of the end of 2018 there were 7.3 million of them, to be precise (BLS). Organizations across the nation are looking to expand and hire, but they are facing one major challenge: finding qualified talent.

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Dos and Donts of Writing an Effective Job Description

Candidates on the hunt for a career move look at an average of 65 job descriptions per week. Passive candidates are looking at even less, if they are looking at job descriptions at all. In order to attract the best talent, you need to be wooing them over with a great job description. Traditional job descriptions have saturated the market and those that are getting crafty with their opportunities are setting themselves apart from the rest of the pack. 

Read more to learn the do's and the don't's of writing an effective job description.

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How To Get the Most out of Working with a Recruiter

Working with a recruiter can be both a rewarding and beneficial process — recruiters can be a tremendous resource for your company. In addition to having the knowledge and expertise for delivering top talent, an experienced and reliable recruiting or firm will have a clear understanding of what to look for (and avoid) when screening and placing candidates.

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The Cost of a Bad Hire

Most companies don't know the full cost of a bad hire, so they under-invest and do not apply the resources upfront to avoid one. By some estimations, the cost of hiring the wrong employee can add up to anywhere from 250,000 to almost a MILLION dollars. If you make a bad hire, there is a ripple effect among all who work for you, your product quality and company image. 

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Using a Recruiter to Save time and Money


There usually isn’t any way around it: Hiring new employees is time consuming and expensive. These costs increase if you make a bad hire. Recruitment agencies can save you time and money in the long run. And if you choose a firm that specializes in the field where you're looking for talent, recruiting agencies can also increase your chances of getting the right employee on the first try. Here are four ways recruitment firms can help you save time and money:

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Top Staffing Challenges of 2019

With a strong economy and companies expanding, the skilled talent they need to grow is getting harder to find, especially within the eye care industry. The number of professionals who say they face recruiting challenges are surprisingly high:

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Best Oddball Interview Questions

Interviews are critical as they take your time and depending on the success of the interview, the results can have implications for years to come. Asking the wrong questions or even useless questions in an interview can be confusing for both parties and you might leave an hour later having not learned much. An interview is intended to gather insights about many different aspects of your candidate such as their problem solving abilities, their loyalty, insight into the way they think, but how do we get this information just from their answers and without them lying? The trick is to ask planned questions that are developed to reveal specific characteristics. 

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Interview Planning

A successful interview occurs when not only the candidate is well prepared for their interview, but when you are as well! Structured interviews are twice as effective in predicting how well an employee will do for you. A structured interview, unlike a free-flowing interview requires that you do your planning, both on the candidate and the position, and create a structured plan for your interview process.

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How To Interview For A Cultural Fit

If an employee lacks particular skills to perform a duty, they can be trained. If they do not fit into your company culture, you have a whole other problem on your hands; one that will not be fixed with any amount of training. Employees that do not align with your company culture leads to poor work quality, decreased job satisfaction and a potentially toxic environment. 

There is no one single question to determine if your potential employee will fit into your company culture. A cultural interview should have a flow to it and be natural in conversation, all the while you are assessing their mannerisms and reactions to your questions. Below are some general tips for interviewing for company culture as well as topics to be aware of when conducting your cultural interview.

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Cracking the Resume Code

A resume holds a lot of information and says a lot about your candidate. It's a piece of paper that is initially the only tool a candidate has to make an impact. The average HR manager spends only 6 seconds reviewing a resume. How many superstar candidates have fallen through the cracks of various career opportunities because the interviewer missed a key detail or strength? 

If you know what to look for, resumes can tell you much more about a candidate than just their education and a list of jobs they have had in the past. All you need to do is look between the lines and past the list of jobs for signs of the type of candidate that this person really is. 

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