10 Signs You Are Spending Too Much Time Hiring

There is no single, readily discernible cause for an extensive hiring process; however on the most fundamental level, a lag in the hiring process signals that there are more job openings than there are applicants to fill them. In eye care especially, where the candidate pool is intimate and limited, you cannot afford to drag the hiring process on longer than it already has to be.
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4 Red Flags to Watch Out For on Interview Day

In today's modern world, more than ever before, information is available to us about make prospective decisions. Whether you are buying a product, staying at a facility, researching a service or in our case, researching prospective employers, gone are the times of mystery and companies being surrounded in secrecy. Where we decide to grow our career is one of the biggest decisions we can make and nothing is more valuable than the experience we get when we actually interview there.

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Managing tardiness and sick employees

Absenteeism and tardiness can have a significant impact on an eye care practice, including lost productivity, increased overtime costs, and elevated stress among the employees left to pick up the slack. To help manage these issues, it is a best practice for all employers to have written policies and procedures in place governing attendance and punctuality.